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Before stepping into the first home with your Realtor, it is vital that you have received a pre-qualification letter from a loan officer.

The Loan Approval process is key to a successful home purchase

Looking for homes without a loan pre-qualification is the equivalent of visiting your favorite store without your wallet.

Many people assume that they have all of their finances in order, they find the perfect home, apply for a home loan and find out that they are unable to afford the home they want. Maybe they have credit issues, or they need more money to put down, or the payment is a lot more than they expected. Getting a pre-qualification letter prior to looking at homes saves you emotional turmoil from the very beginning.

We have excellent professional loan officers that we recommend.

Another benefit to having your financial pre-qualification is that you will know what to expect financially. You will receive a loan estimate listing your closing costs, financing costs, monthly payment including property taxes & insurance as well as your required down payment at the close of escrow. This allows you to be prepared to own a home.

Important Tips for the Loan Approval Process


Get Pre-Qualification

Provide all documentation

Provide all documentation requested by the lender in a timely manner.

No new credit accounts or loans

Do not open any new credit accounts or loans.

Do not increase balance on your credit cards

Do not increase the balance on your credit cards.

Do not purchase

Do not purchase a new car, appliances, lawn equipment or furniture while you are waiting to close on the house.

Keep your Realtor and lender informed

Keep your Realtor and lender informed of any personal changes throughout the loan process, job change, medical leave, etc.

Keep the same job

Keep the same job until your home loan has been closed.

disability or medical leave does not count toward your income

Finances from disability or medical leave does not count toward your income. Even if it virtually replaces your employment income, this change may cause you to lose the ability to purchase a home.

Always ask, ask, ask.

Always ask, ask, ask. You hire professionals to help you through the home buying process. Take advantage of these experts to make purchasing a home easier on you.

Meet Our lender

Sr. Loan Officer:
Cassidy H Stoecklein

Mortgage Loan Originator
NMLS# 944547
118 Vintage Park Blvd. Suite# W723,
Houston, TX 77070

(903) 229-1099

I am a Huntsville resident with over 18 years of financial experience. The last 16 years of my career have been specifically on the lending side.With a wide array of products offered, I am prepared to meet your needs. Whether it is an one time to close, purchase plus improvements, cash out on existing home, refinance, or just a regular purchase - I am here to assist you. Reach out to me today to see how I can help you with your real estate needs!

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