How to Transform a Garage into Your Dream Home Office

March 18, 2021

By Tina Martin

Garages aren’t usually the most hospitable place in a home, but that doesn’t mean you should write them off as a location for your home office. With the right planning, easy DIY solutions, and some help if you need it, you can turn even the dingiest carport into a bright, pleasing workplace. Abby Realty invites you to read on for tips to convert your garage into the home office of your dreams.  

Determine what you need

To get started, make a list of everything your business needs, such as reliable wifi, seating for clients, extra power outlets, and enough space for all your furniture and equipment. Because many garages have thick walls, you may find that you don’t get a strong wifi signal. Be sure to do a signal test and consider adding a wired internet connection or a wifi extender if the connection is slow.

Next, take a look at your business structure to be sure that it’s the right fit. Forming an LLC may be a great move for your home-based business because you’ll have minimal paperwork, tax perks, limited personal liability, and flexibility. You can file online with a formation service to avoid legal fees, but be sure to review the requirements for your state before moving ahead.  

Do a clear-out

Because most of us use our garage as a dumping ground for random belongings, you may need to do some serious organizing. The last thing you want is to be cramped at a folding table between gym equipment and holiday decorations. Consider finding alternative storage solutions or downsizing your belongings. If you find that your garage is still cluttered after a thorough cleaning, you may want to add a room divider or built-in storage cabinets.  

Get the basics right

You’ll need to address the basics: flooring, lighting, and heating. Because most garages have bare concrete floors, you may want to consider cozier (affordable) options such as laminate flooring or carpet tiles. If you like the look of concrete, you can give it a good cleaning and add a large area rug.

If you’re one of the lucky few whose garage has windows, you’ll be able to enjoy natural light. For everyone else, good lighting will be a vital piece of the puzzle. Consider adding bright, warm-toned floor lamps so you don’t feel like you’re working in a cave. Full-spectrum lighting is a good option if your job involves color (such as graphic design or photography) because it mimics natural light.  

Because garages aren’t designed to be living spaces, they don’t usually have good temperature control. You’ll need to make sure that you won’t be freezing in the winter and roasting in the summer. If you’re able to hire contractors, consider adding insulation to the walls or adding windows for ventilation. A cheaper solution is to buy a space heater for winter and a portable air conditioner for summer.  

Make the most of decor

Good decor is a quick and easy way to give your garage a makeover. First, paint the walls a light color to brighten up the room. Textiles and throw rugs can help soften the space and make it cozier. Then add framed photos, houseplants, and some fun touches like a comfy chair or espresso maker. Making your garage feel less utilitarian will go a long way toward creating a comfortable workspace.

Even if your garage is a concrete box that is packed to the gills with stuff, don’t dismiss it as a location for your home-based business. It may take a bit of planning, cleaning, and remodeling, but any space can be transformed. Whether you decide to hire garage conversion experts or go with a more budget-friendly DIY approach, you can create the home office of your dreams.  

Does your current house lack a garage or any suitable workspace? Contact Abby Realty to find the right home to expand to in your area.  

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