The Housing Crunch

September 23, 2021

Quality of life is what attracts most new residents to Huntsville. Many people return to Huntsville after having spent their college years at SHSU or even some people whose kids went to Sam. People fall in love with the surroundings including the trees, the history and the small-town feel. They enjoy the camaraderie with others in town. The friendliness, the willingness to share information and make helpful recommendations.

This quality of life has made Huntsville very attractive to people outside of our community. They are choosing to look for housing opportunities here. They are purchasing homes in higher price ranges that they can afford. Currently in Huntsville there are only 47 homes under $500,000 available for sale and less than 10 of those homes are located within the city limits of Huntsville.

Currently, all of the 3 bedroom, 2 bath or larger homes listed under $200,000 in Huntsville in Walker County are manufactured homes or fixer-uppers.

Housing in Huntsville is climbing beyond the range of affordability for the median wage earner who lives in Huntsville.  Fortunately for future home buyers, Huntsville has been discovered by large home builders. They are making their way here quickly to provide affordable homes that locals and others can afford. 

While the new home prices in Huntsville have risen substantially over the past year, builders are still selling homes priced below $250,000. 

Check out the latest interviews of local Huntsville Texas business leaders.

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